Finlayson Art Area 2023

Paintings and Unpublished Installation in FAA 2023 Tampere

16.6. - 20.8. 2023

A Good selection of paintings from Artificial, Unpublished and Horses series in Finlayson Art Area exhibition in Tampere Finland. Paintings are in Kutomosali exhibition space. 

Unpublished-project (Roope Mokka and Sami Lukkarinen) are building a Media art installation in small gallery of Siperia shopping mall in Finlayson Art Area. We are again collecting unpublished selfies in interactive installation to make a new StyleGAN 3 AI-Model training. You can donate unpublished selfies to the  project 

More info about Finlayson Art Area 2023 Exhibition:

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition thursday 15.6. at 6pm

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Sami Lukkarinen | Unpublished 9<
Unpublished 9 2023
oil on canvas, 160 x 160 cm